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1 Providing reading tools to schools and communities around the world. 2


As you know the promotion of Literacy is one of the most important causes in the world. It’s a travesty to continue to let illiteracy run rampant in many parts of the world. That is what makes One World Literacy one of the best charities to donate to in the world today. We are a Non-Profit Organization and our focus is on spreading literacy and the importance of it across the globe. This makes our literacy charity one of the best charities around to give to. Please consider donating to our organization so that we may spread literacy throughout the world.

Everyone in the world should be able to read and we aim to make that happen. Making your donation online is simple and you can also take the next step and get involved as a sponsor or in a number of other ways. Make your donation today and become an OWL supporter so that you can help us eliminate illiteracy a little faster.



One World Literacy Strives for World Literacy


The One World Literacy Foundation is a charity that focuses on the distribution of digital educational content by providing information and tools in the field of literacy, reading, education, training, early childhood instruction and tutoring via the Internet. The One World Literacy Foundation is committed to providing literacy tools to underfunded educational institutions as well as directly to individuals around the globe, therein giving them access to the tools needed to learn how to read and promoting world literacy. O.W.L. harnesses the power of the Internet and of web-based literacy activities to educate children and adults around the globe. We believe that by making learning fun, we can help people want to learn to read, not just feel like they have to learn to read. We are one of the best charities committed to global literacy out there today. Our goal is to eliminate childhood illiteracy around the world and we believe strongly that with your help we can put "learn to read" tools in the hands of every person in need.


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Shining Star of the Month - The One World Literacy Foundation recognizes those supporters who go above and beyond the call of duty. Our Shining Star of the month is a sponsor, donor, supporter or volunteer who has displayed the same values as OWL and has pledged to continue fighting to eliminate illiteracy across the world.



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readProject R.E.A.D.

(Reading Education Assistance & Development) is one of two core charity projects that the One World Literacy Foundation charity has developed to help eliminate childhood illiteracy by providing core curriculum-aligned reading tools to schools in need across the globe. Project R.E.A.D. uses a wide variety of tools and techniques to help children at all levels of literacy to master reading. These tools include printable worksheets, spelling sight words, story reading, sentence dictation, and spelling letter sounds. Through these and other tools, the One World Learning Foundation charity hopes to give children a solid foundation in the world of reading.



giveThe G.I.V.E Project

(Giving Inspiration Via Education) is one of two core charity projects that the One World Literacy Foundation charity has developed to help eliminate childhood, disabled and adult illiteracy by providing core curriculum-aligned reading tools to parenting and adult communities in need across the globe. The G.I.V.E. project is community-based, working directly with parents, guardians, and friends of illiterate loved ones as well as public libraries and small businesses to equip them with the tools necessary to eliminate illiteracy in their respective communities.



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